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Local Microcurrent Therapy Training Opportunity! 

For a FREE introductory webinar around 45 min please go HERE 
Alternating Wednesday evenings during the fall/winter a live workshop/discussion group is held in our classroom. Each week a new topic is discussed including theory, background, step-by-step demonstration and opportunity for hands-on practice and questions. We cover only one topic per evening, from 1-2 hours depending on protocols. The topic is available in advance. Please refer to our Facebook        page or calendar for details and updates. Cost: $20 per person per class.
NEW! For those unable to attend in person, Wednesday night classes will now be broadcast via webinar.  Watch, chat, ask questions and participate from the comfort of your own home.  These will be recorded and available for replay or catching-up.  Cost: $15 per person per class.
Twice a year Erasing Pain hosts a weekend seminar to provide local, hands-on instruction for both beginner and advanced users. We are honored to have Avazzia MASTER TRAINER Dr. John Hache (more info HERE) teaching these seminars, widely regarded as the worldwide expert and foremost microcurrent practitioner. Come learn about this new technology, how it works, and how to apply it. Whether using it just for yourself, or adding it to your practice, this training is an absolute must attend. 
See a review of the training course from a prominent alternative healthcare expert HERE
Basic + Level 1 courses will be held in Sacramento every Spring in late April or early May, and Advanced Level 1+2 courses will be held late fall Oct/Nov.
(You must have attended either the Spring course or the Wednesday night class series at the clinic to attend the Advanced winter course.)


We may also have some special "bonus" workshops in the evenings, stay tuned for specific announcements!



Additional hands-on training/interning will be available at the Erasing Pain clinic after completion of this seminar. Internships can be arranged. For local practitioners, further hands-on training may be available with your patients at your practice for an additional fee. Contact to make a reservation for this additional opportunity​.
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