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Give the gift of pain relief to a friend or family member! 
The initial consult is always free, after which treatment sessions are $150 hourly flat rate billed in increments of 5 minutes. The first session averages 1 hour, but may last up to 90 minutes for complicated conditions, and be as short as 20 minutes for more simple problems.
If we are unable to help someone, there will be no charge.

Please provide the name and address you wish the gift certificate to be mailed to, or an email address for an electronic version you can print out yourself.

Gift Certificate

  • Gift certificates expire one year from the day they are issued. 

    Multiple gift certificates can be used at the same time.  Single gift certificates can be used over multiple therapy sessions if appropriate. 

    After the initial consult, patients of the clinic are required to pay a tribal membership fee of either $5/day, $10/month or $30/year in addition to treament costs. 

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